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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Living for the moments...

Amongst the happenings of life, vacation is allowing me to find a little time for...me.
I feel as if days lately are just, lived. Lived to get through them. Lived to get to tomorrow. Lived to get to the next thing I/we are looking forward to. I am forgetting that instead of just living them and getting through them, it is important to ACTUALLY live them. Whether it's one thing in the day that was made with a point, just ensuring that all days are filled with many moments.
When did we begin to allow life to live us and stop living OUR life!? I find it to be a hard concept to grasp. Maybe it's because, when thinking about what I want out of life...I am still a little unsure. I find myself getting to one level, and then always looking for the next. Is this the culture we are raised in...always strive for more, to be better? In a way yes; but what about living in the present as well? Time to start enjoying the present a little more.
Ryan and I were talking not too long ago about life. We have two amazing kids, a third on the way, have been together for almost 12 years (a few weeks away!) and have so much to be thankful for. And yet, we feel our directions in life are sometimes steered too much by expectations and pressures from others, and not enough by ourselves: Recognizing this, we still feel a little...trapped, for lack of a better word. How do you, or maybe even, when do you stop this feeling, this cycle. For each I know this is a personal endeavor, and maybe the answer is we never truly do...maybe we will always be in search of another level...but while on this current level, this step of life, I am going to ensure I remind myself to stop...and enjoy it all. The little things: the sound of our kids playing, our kiss goodnight, the moments.

"live for the moments, not the memories."

And to add a smile to the end of this...a bit of a laugh.
I am sitting here in the sun...watching our kids run around nude in and out of their little pool...and our daughter is standing by a bush, taking a poop...followed by Ryan cleaning it, and her, up. A good laugh. A hilarious memory.
These are the moments.

To life. Enjoy yours!

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