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Monday, August 8, 2011

One More Week...

Today Ryan is heading home for work till Friday; that means it's down to me vs. the kids for the last week of vacation. I have to admit, so far the week has been filled with both the busy and restful times. What is with new places and a new bed that can alter a child's sleep schedule so much!! The kids have been having some seriously AMAZING naps...close to 3 hours. I guess it's all the fresh air and exercise; yet when in comes to bed...they seem to end up in bed with us (well make that me, as Ryan then goes to find more space in an empty bed). At least this week, he won't be in search of more space in bed...as we will all be still cabin bound.
I am hoping this week I can learn to relax a little more. Honestly, I am finding it hard to allow myself to completely unwind. I keep thinking of what I need to do, what needs to be done once home, and I guess really what I feel I should be doing instead of telling myself that I deserve this time!!
In a life that is always so busy and rushed, once you become used to a certain level of chaos, R&R seems to be a bit of a hard concept to grasp!

With Ryan heading home today, a friend is coming up! Looking forward to spending some time with her. A little girl time with some much needed catching up. Should be a nice way to spend the week of vacation in a beautiful place :)

"The railing hurt my beautiful hand." Kai just came over to where Ryan and I sit drinking our morning coffee (decaf for me) to tell us what just happened. The words of wisdom from a three year old mind...beautiful.

Happy Monday!

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