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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pain in the...

I'm not going to lie, these veins on my legs are becoming a real pain in the ass. Not only are they unsightly (in my eyes at least!), they are actually beginning to become more painful. At night, after a long day, they throb. They occasionally feel as if they are on fire. And yesterday in the shower when I attempted to shave, even running a razor over them brought discomfort.
I got the call from th pharmacy yesterday, my perscription pantyhose compression tights are in. Hot. Not only am I sure these things are going to look sexy as heck, I am sure now that summer has finally hit...that they will literally be hot as well.

I have been noticing however that after a workout...a run or hike, that the appearance lessens. Boding true to the theory of increasing circulation aids in helping these things.

Groupon, or one of those sites had a special on vein treatment yesterday. It doesn't expire for a year...I bought it for back-up. Hoping I won't need it, but better safe and saving!

Another point, at the cabin on vacation, it is pretty rustic and not much "to do" so to speak in terms of a gym, town, restaurant etc. It is what makes it so peaceful and relaxing. It really is great. But with me having not been running, with nothing much else to do for exercise, I began again. Surprisingly, I have been able to. Nothing long. A run anywhere from 20-35 minutes. But hey, it's still a run! By the end I have broken a sweat, and the ligaments are a little sore if I push too far. They body tells me when to stop. It has been feeling great :)
Ryan and I even hiked the mountain that sits above the lake the other day. It was beautiful up there! We took the camera so when I am home from this vacation, there will be some major picture posting!!

Anyways, the kids are sleeping, Ryan is packing, and I am going to go sit in the sun fror some quiet time.

Any one with suggestions on venuos pooling/vericose veins in pregnancy, please pass along...my ears are open and my legs will thank you!

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