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February 28 marked Moms Club Number 5 already!


We have had some great times, topics and laughs along the way.

Last night we tackled the topic of Wills and had Lawyer, Janet Slade, come give us the run down and answer some great questions.

First thing on our families must do list now, make our Wills!
Did you know that to make it legal you just need two witnesses (in the same place/time), to sign (that do not have anything vested in the Will themselves).

Notaries cannot "Stamp" a Will to make it any more legal. This in fact is only a process of you throwing money away.
So many little tidbits to know.

Once there are assets involved in your life...and/or CHILDREN...GET A WILL! You do not want decisions to be left to others.

Here is a brief bit of information from Veritas Law's website, just click on the link.

Why do you need a Will? Its a Question of Who, What and When?

Any Moms that missed last night that are interested in more, I can forward you a Will Planning Info Sheet Package that she left with us. Great and thorough resource of what we need to have a Will prepared. __________________________________________________________________Moms Club has kicked off with great success!

As promised, I am going to load information for Moms Club on this page. I will update any relevant information, and post any interesting information we discussed and/or learnt at Moms Club that may be useful to other parents out there!

Our first Moms Club hosted the topic Infant/Toddler feeding.
Kelly Spec of Spectrum nutrition came in to kick off our first meeting. She pumped us full of knowledge and answered and array of questions on infant/toddler eating habits and nutrition. 

Kelly not only advises on infant/toddler/children nutrition, she actually specializes in weight loss. So if there is any need for an amazing Nutritionist, please check out her site or give her a call as her knowledge was fantastic and her personality, professional yet fun :)


Here is a small leaflet of information that touched on the basis' of where we began at our meeting.

"Learning To Eat- Toddler Feeding."  Courtesy of Kelly Spec, Spectrum Nutrition.

Feeding Your Toddler: Learning to Eat
Toddlers are ready and want to eat on their own
¡Parents need to recognize and accept this
But…toddlers need you present and require your support to do a good job of eating
Toddlers at this stage will always ‘test the limits’
But…toddlers want and need to know you are in control and there to set limits

The Division of Responsibility

The division of responsibility changes from baby to toddler…
Parents now decide:
¡WHAT, WHEN & WHERE feeding takes place
Toddlers still decide:
¡IF & HOW MUCH to eat from what is offered

The Role of the Parents… the WHAT

You choose what foods to offer
¡Follow Canada’s Food Guide
÷We’ll talk about specifics in the 2nd class
¡Offer a variety of foods at every meal and snack
÷3-4 different foods at meal times
÷2-3 different foods at snacks
¡Prepare the usual family meal adapted for your child
÷bite sized, soft, easy to eat foods

The Role of the Parents… the WHEN

You choose when foods are offered
Parents need to establish a structure for regular meals and snacks
¡Consider your child's ‘normal’ patterns of eating (and yours!) when establishing meal times and routines
¡Include 3 meals a day and at least 2 snacks – usually 3…or more!
¡Specify times for all meals & snacks and stick to it!
÷Your toddler needs to trust that if they choose not eat at a scheduled eating time, they will get a chance to eat again at the next predictable eating time

The Role of the Parents… the WHEN

Plan your toddlers meal times to coincide with yours
¡Family meals help your toddler:
÷Learn how to behave at the table
÷Watch how & what parents eat which helps your toddler explore a greater number of foods and eating behaviours

The Role of the Parents… the WHERE

You choose where meals and snacks are served

¡Meals served with the family at the dinner table
¡Avoid snacks ‘on the fly’
÷Snacks should also be served at the table

The Role of the Child… IF THEY EAT AT ALL!

Your child chooses whether or not to eat what’s offered
¡Let your child choose if he/she eats at all
¡Children will not starve themselves

The Role of the Child… the HOW MUCH

Your child chooses how much to eat from what’s offered

¡Avoid ‘short order’ cooking
¡Its okay if your child does not want to eat a lot of a particular food
¡Avoid forcing or coxing your child to eat – eating is his/her job, not yours
¡Children will not starve themselves

A note on Setting Limits
Food is for eating, not playing
Food is for energy & nutrition, not for placating
Eating should be pleasurable, not a struggle

“A healthy relationship with food is your child’s best defence against obesity and chronic disease later in life.”


Both you and your child have a job to do…Do your best to do your job, and let your child learn how to do his or hers.
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