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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation Mode...

Well, sort of! Yes, it has been relaxing up here. Sun, play time, swimming and no shortage of food! But work has not been left behind. I am still checking messages, making calls, negotiating deals and sending too many texts/emails daily.
It is too important to not deal with at this point; which in turn, vacation mode 100% takes a back seat till another day.
I guess that is the life of the self employed realtor. I should know...both my parents are realtors as well ;)

These past few months, the term "Working Mom" really has been kicked in to full gear for me. I think I am just finding the 'groove' so to speak. It has been a hectic while as I went from quiet to anything but...trying to find the balance of family and work...the right amount of attention to both to not lack the details. I think i found it. Not without a few hiccups and exhaustion along the way...but I am doing it :)
Working moms out there, how do you find the balance? How much is too much work...and what does balance really mean?!

If you had the choice/ability...would you choose to work (full or part time) while still raising kids, or would you prefer to stay home and be a STHM?

For me, I enjoy working on a certain level. I don't think I could ever not work outside of the home in some way, shape or form...but I LOVE being there for my kids and spending days and time with them. Playing with them. Teaching them. Learning from them. I would never give up any of that at the same time. So the answer for me is, a "balance" that works for all and keeps all happy...and sane!

Now, for this subject removal to come through...and then hopefully a few days of real R&R.
(ps- sorry for spelling errors....no spelling on this medium up here :) after all, it is vacation!)

Pictures to come soon :)

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