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Friday, September 21, 2012

Three going on Thirty...

Si turned 3 this week! September 19th our baby girl took the corner from toddler...to little girl! She is growing up so fast...a little too fast actually.

This girl is full of surprises. She has been a very fast and eager learner from the get go. Quick to crawl, walk...and most definitely talk! Before she was two sentences were streaming from her mouth; and now, well you cant really shut her up! She could talk your ear off all day long...and night long...and next day..and next night...you get the point! This little lady is a wonderment. Full personality. Determined. And motivated to do anything if there is a treat involved!
sorry for blur she wouldn't stay still
She keeps us on our toes. There is pretty much never a dull moment with her in the house. Si keeps the house a home...and yes, usually is the cause for loud voices and the occasional yelling match. Imagine, all this from a 3 year old.

Si is all that...and is also the most loving, caring, big-hearted person you will ever know. I think she has a bit of an old sole...

She loves telling people what to do and how to do it. But she also makes sure everyone is okay and is the first to kiss it better or bring a band aid. Always thoughtful.

When Si is alone (without her siblings) you get an entirely different side of her. The very soft, sweet and loving girl. She loves attention and she loves when she gets it one on one. She will sit and relax with you; tell you stories; brush your hair...endless hugs and kisses...and in these times, she knows how to be quiet.

Kai and her have an amazing relationship. They couldn't be closer peas in a pod. Yet, with this closeness...they love hard, and they fight hard too. Our little lady sure knows how to stand up for herself...its usually Kai coming out of battle with tears.

Si desperately tries to take care of T. Her loving and nurturing side shines through as she attempts to mother her. The issue here, T is almost the same weight as Si, and so her carrying her around tends to look more like dragging the baby around the house. Thankfully T is a mellow child and generally has a huge smile on her face. Yes, the third child definitely puts up with a lot more (sorry Reid for all the torture Kajs and I put you thru!).

Her love of lips (lipstick), nail polish, purses and 'date shoes' (my high heels) leave me a little concerned for the future...but for then, i am happy that she is such a head strong lady. For now, i would prefer her to listen to her mom and dad; unfortunately for us, that rarely happens.
(bad iphone pic- but getting a pedi with her lips painted pink with "whips" i.e. lips)

You are such an amazing daughter. I am so fortunate to have you and am thankful for every day. You teach me how to be stronger, love unconditionally and the true meaning of persistence. You are only three today, and yet in so many ways you are wise beyond your years.
Thank you for being you, for bringing light to our days, love to our hearts... and a little crazy to our brains! You define the word energy, as well as define the word love.

I love you love bug. Happy Birthday!!

Love Mom

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