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Friday, September 21, 2012

Funky Town...

Pardon the title, I still had Tuesday nights episode of Parenthood in my head.

This topic may make some uncomfortable; and knowing my parents read this, its making me a little uncomfortable!

SEX...TOYS. Yes, that is the nature of this blog. A topic that many people speak of...behind closed doors!  Mom and Dad, sorry to be blogging sex toys...but yes, kids are the product of the act with my husband :-P

Well today, I am bringing it to you because an old friend from high school days has launched a new business targeting this marketplace...A business that is huge already, forever growing, and rarely spoken openly about.

Que, the LuvBox.

Luvmybox is a monthly subscription that ships to your door a discrete black box filled with 'fun and flirty products' that will 'let your imagination get the best of you.'  They promise a new experience every month by offering different products to cater to your every mood.
Photo above not one from Luv my Box
The best part about Luvmybox, aside from its awesome name, you don't know what will be in the LuvBox...adding to the excitement yet again.

The sex toy industry is a multi BILLION dollar industry throughout North America, and yet is one that is not talked about often...nor without a red flush across our cheeks. For the ones that will admit to going into a sex store, most find themselves slightly embarrassed for being in there. In such an open culture, we generally are quite the prudes!
I love the concept of this product as it gives you a product, a thrill of wonderment, excitement...and then something new to 'try.' Adding spice to your love life is always a bonus, right!? Giving a new spin to the passion parties: with more excitement and intimacy!

For me, a mom with three young kids...my husband and I lack the element of adventure often. Finding time while not being exhausted is limited! I think this will be something that we can both enjoy from receiving the package to discovering what the months Theme is!

With the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" having won may peoples hearts...and aided to many peoples love lives, the first edition of the LuvBox was themed after this popular trilogy.

I cant wait for my first box to arrive...wonder what's gonna be inside!

So, would you try this service??
It will be interesting to find out how many will admit to it...

One thing's for sure... this is an expense I don't think my husband will question ;)

To order yours, or find out more, check out:
Luv my Box

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