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Saturday, August 4, 2012

When to Jump...

Life's too short....live life to the fullest...follow your dreams...
Words of wisdom, of empowerment, we have all heard at one time or another.
But often, they are found in moments of need/want. They are brought to our attention to remember them....to fill a void...and then life continues on in a similar fashion that it tends to go.

When to you take those words as a metaphor for your own life...? When do you decide to make the jump?
I think much of life is filled with a series of mini jumps most days- but when I think of the wisdom words and phrases, to me I think of a broader scale.

I have sooooo much in life that I am thankful for. That I am happy with. That makes me wake daily and smile. My heart is filled with love and joy. Three amazing children and a husband that fills me up, how can I not be thankful, happy and full of love!

Yet I find I have a void that I have yet to fill...I feel I slowly creep in the direction of wanting to fill it, and then the back-burner is pulled forward and that's where my thoughts sit.

When do you, or better yet, how do you decide to just take the step and Jump!?
Maybe a part of not starting is to not fail...yet to not fail would mean not taking risk...and what is a world without risk...?
I feel lately, that more of my life is telling me to take time for me and find my path...to be thankful for health and happiness and to continue moving forward. 
I have been filled with stress and a sense of overwhelming bits for a while...and I need to slow down, find my happy and feel....100% complete. Self...I am staring you down.

I had a health scare as of late..one that found me in the small quarters of an MRI. Not a nice place to be. The physical space of the MRI machine ironically enough mirrors the way your mind feels in having to deal with thoughts of why you are there in the first place: your mind is confined to what the results will be, why you are having these symptoms in the first place...a narrow tunneled vision of what is wrong!?
Thankfully, my mind is clear and I can move forward knowing that. Now, to deal with the stress and high cortisol.
I have a feeling stress will always be a part of my life...come-on, three kids four and under, lol. But I am fine with that! What I am not good at is allocating time. I need to manage my time better to be the best I can be...in all aspects of my life. To not try and multi-task being superwoman...but to task being mom...being wife...being me...

This may sound a little corny...and I believe in a paraphrased sense, these words came from the mouth of Oprah, but, I can't wait to begin living my best life...

World, here I come...

(on my iPad- sorry for mis-spelling!)

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