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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sending Them to Kevin...

Well we are on family vacation. Enjoying some slow time and fun filled days at our summer cabin. Lights and power brought by solar panels or generator...and reception for my iPad bouncing from the cell towers on the island next door ;-)

Up here, life slows down. Although it can be hard to allow it to slow- after about five days, you give in...and finally breathe and relax in a different way. Life in general seems so busy lately. Life, work...learning to let rest in to my life is a challenge I struggle with and am continuously looking to succeed at. Here at the cabin, there is not much stopping me. Obviously our days are busy with the kids; but finding time for my run, reading some of my book or enjoying a piece of paradise on the floating dock, just the 5 of us, all our moments are not taken for granted. Camera snapping most days, we are capturing many moments and remembering many memories.

Up here, the ocean extends through the reflections in the windows of the cabins...and in doing so, unfortunately finds many a bird taking their last breath. Last year Kai recalled us finding the shovel to move the birds and has continued to move them this year.
"do you know why I pick up the birds? So that I can throw them down to Kevin"

We shovel the birds over into the bushes: and throw the birds to 'Heaven.'

Kai was throwing his to Kevin...maybe in the mind of a four year old....Kevin is the Bird God.

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