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Monday, October 3, 2011

Moments Captured...

Saturday was our family/maternity shoot. I love having our "Moments Captured" as we rarely all have a photo; and even more rare is when I am in them. It is nice to document "life" every so often.

Saturday however, was not the best of days. Si was not cooperating. Full on tears, barely let me put her down. Kai was good at the beginning and then was lost by the end. All in all...it was a frustrating shoot. I had all of these thoughts of images in mind, and none came to light. I was hoping for a nice belly/family shot, but one did not really arise.
Thankfully our photographer was able to capture some photos of us as a group...and a few solo images so the session wasn't a loss...but I guess that is what you get when you have a 3 and 2 year old to attend to.

It makes the shots even more realistic, lol. If only you could have had a birds eye view of the shoot itself...probably would have been good birth control!

I will share a few quick shots. Karolina Turek shot us, and will be sending us the edits later this week. I quickly edited a few to ensure our shoot produced something!? I am pleased with the ones she captured...and frankly, a little amazed, lol.

I look forward to her edits later this week and will share more then. For now... here is our expanding family. I will see if any of her edits are "pg" enough to post ;) Here is the family for now.

Another week closer....34 WEEKS!
Bump Picture.

Thank you to Karolina Turek for helping us capture some memories :)

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