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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Favorite Shirt...

Did, or do, your children (or child) have a favorite "item" that they cant seem to live without!? Kai never had this...Si has gone through a few...and the current one, I would like to see lost!

Her first item she would never put down was her white soft bunny. It is very cute...and worn well. Bunny has been at the "doctor" for a while as mom needs to sew its arm back on and has yet to do it...a little thing called, needing more time.
From Bunny has come dolls. It doesn't really matter which doll, so long as there is at least one and usually two baby dolls in her arms: She sure has a maternal instinct that is for sure.

But now, the "item" has turned into something she wears. A pink t-shirt. A pink t-shirt that was purchased in Italy last year and for some reason has now won her heart. It seems the only way I can get her out of this shirt is if it is "dirty" and is being washed...I try to leave it there for a few days in hopes of her forgetting...but this does not happen.

Saturday we had some family photos/maternity photos done. Si was in a TERRIBLE mood. Barely let me put her down, cried most of the time, and would not "pose" for a single photo. I am thankful that between tears there were a few saving grace moments where the photographer was able to get a glimpse of smile.
But, in true Si fashion, there was no way she was dressing the part of Dad, Mom and Kai in our jeans and dark tops...she would not take off the pink "Ciao Bella" t-shirt...and so we have some photos to remember her beloved t-shirt.

Photos by Karolina Turek.

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