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Friday, September 30, 2011

Airplanes and Butterflies...

I finally finished Kai and Si's rooms a fee weeks ago and keep forgetting to post the pictures.
Here are some photos of Si's big girls room. She loves all the butterflies on the wall. I am please with the end result :)

Now, if only she would wear dresses and not want sweats and a t-shirt all the time!

And we couldnt leave Kai out all together, so he got some new bed sheets, an airplane stencil...and a large plane to hang from the ceiling. He was stoked! He loves his "new room" as well.

this is the huge plane we have yet to hang from his ceiling

Nursery is nearly there... I will share those photos once the baby has arrived.
Our basement turned out great! It actually feels bigger (and much more organized!) now that the wall is up. Ryan and I now actually don't mind heading downstairs and relaxing with the kids. Much warmer and cozy than before.

The office...the guest bed is set up, my desk is organized...still have a few more details to finish, then it will be complete as well.

It has been a busy time getting these things done; but feels so great to have the big items of the lists.

Next up...
Wash and install the baby's carseat.
Sort thru newborn clothes. Wash and sort.
Clean out some closets.
...then have a little kids/adult clothing garage sale along with a few little items.
Have a bunch of stuff that is in great shape but collecting dust. What a shame...time to find it all a new home!

Maybe by the time I tackle the next list...baby will then make an appearance! Here's to wishful thinking!!

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