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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Swimming Success...

Si had her first swim lessons on Wednesday. I have been nervous about her firsts lately in terms of starting her "school" and these lessons; but she has blown all my expectations away! We got to her lessons, she took the instructors hand...and headed straight into the water. No tears, all smiles...with the occasional wave to mom in the viewing area to ensure I was still there.

I am so happy she liked it as we want her to enjoy the water and get used to it in hopes of learning how to swim soon. This summer, she really wasn't interested in actually going in the water; be it lake or ocean...so I was pleased she was so happy and excited.

I only had my iPhone, so sorry for the crappy pictures as they were from a fare distance. But here is our big girls first day.

listening to her teacher

on the slide
morning of- getting excited to go! 
The only problem now... Kai finishes his skating lessons right before Si swims... and now he wants to be in the water too. If only there was a free class at the same time. We shall see!

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