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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Great Moms Club...

Last night was our first ever Moms Club!
It was a great evening filled with many amazing moms and moms to be... not to mention many laughs and interesting topics! I can only see each meeting getting more interesting as the Moms get to know one another better, and conversation topics begin to fly.
From infant/toddler feeding, to bellies and breast, to husbands(partners)... the topics were all informative, fun and interesting ;) I cant wait till next month!

There was such a great group last night, with many more women that expressed an interest but unfortunately couldn't make it...this group could get big...and maybe a little loud. I have to thank OMG for the awesome wine glasses. I used them as a giveaway in honour of our first Moms Club ever! And with this group, I think they were more than fitting!


Check them out at www.omgisoneedaglassofwine.com


Kelly Spec of Spectrum nutrition came in to kick off our first meeting. She pumped us full of knowledge and answered and array of questions on infant/toddler eating habits and nutrition. All the information was fantastic! I am devising our daily "routine" and will begin this transition to proper eating for our kids soon... Keep you posted on that. I suspect there will be a few moms from last night that may have a grumpy household for a few days... but I cant wait for the end result and therefore benefit!

Kelly not only advises on infant/toddler/children nutrition, she actually specializes in weight loss. So if there is any need for an amazing Nutritionist, please check out her site or give her a call as her knowledge was fantastic and her personality, professional yet fun :)


Next months meeting, I have no doubt, will be as much fun if not more! Looking forward to growing friendships and mommy knowledge with a great group of woman.

~Moms, I am posting a page on my site that will be up and running by Friday. On this page you will find  what our Moms Club is/has been up to... along with any info you may find useful/informative! Last night, our guest speaker gave us an awesome handout on "Feeding Your Toddler." This will be on the page for your resource.~

"Mom's menu consists of 2 choices: Eat it or don't." ~ Unknown.

Thought this was fitting for our topics of conversation last night.

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