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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let it all hang out...

I am pretty sure Kai has been enjoying his "boyhood" these days. He is realizing that with his boy parts, it is quite easy to pee...almost anywhere.
In the bushes. In the garbage can (right beside the toilet might i add!)...and the most recent, over our deck onto the grass below.

Yes, I caught him standing on our main deck, pants down full frontal to our neighbours, peeing through the rails of our deck to the grass below. Awesome.
This took me so off guard, I couldn't keep a straight face long enough to tell him no, let alone a consequence. Once my shock and laughter was over, I was able to get out that we do not do that and we only pee IN THE TOILET!

Where is this all coming from lately!? He is pushing boundaries and limits. Doing things he knows he shouldn't do. Talking back...really trying to express himself.

Could this possible be the beginning of jealousy as my stomach grows and he wonders what is up next? attention seeking. Yes, clearly he is doing that. Why; that is what we have to find out.

What is with our children and their fascination with bodily fluids and functions!

For now, the toilet seats are lifted and the doors are locked. His urine is staying in the toilet.

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