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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And so the brown stays...

A while ago I bought a Carpet Cleaning package on Groupon from Sears. It was a great deal, and I figured, with the color of our carpets, they will always need a good cleaning. White carpets + kids = bad idea.
Well the coupon expired today...so today I had them in to clean our upstairs carpets. Aside from the odd ink stain in the office and juice stain on the floors...the main room of concern was Si's. It was time to get the professionals through to ensure her poop smearing career wouldn't leave lasting results on our floors. I must say, they did a pretty good job, and were in and out in a little over an hour!

I guess our problem is not that we have white carpets...it is that we have a daughter who enjoys painting in brown. Three hours after the carpet cleaners left, Si couldn't stand how clean her white floors were and had to ensure they were brown again!

I came home from work to our very apologetic nanny who had been trying to clean up the mess. Obviously, not her fault at all!! I guess the one perk, for a change I wasn't the one scrubbing...but poor 'M'!

And so, we have nice white carpets in a majority of our bedrooms...and a little patch of brown.

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