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Friday, July 22, 2011

What's in a number...

I read this interesting article this morning. It is debating whether one child is the "right" way to go, or if 2+ is a better option. It is a short and simple summary of a few books that debate their sides on the matter; but no matter what side you are on, an interesting take on both.
For us, one child was never a thought. We knew we always wanted at least two...and now with our third on the way, we feel even more blessed.
I don't think you can ever completely decide on the number of children you are going to have, until you have one. Kids are amazing in so many ways. They offer you so much. They teach you to love like you never knew possible. They teach you, plain and simple. They surprise you. They love you. They test you. They exhaust you. Every child brings love and joy into this world: into your life. And every child is different.
As for the numbers game, doing what is best for you and your family is all that matters. Don't let judgement from others affect your desires. People can be so critical. Live your own life.

Here is the article:
The Case for Having Only One Child

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