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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Dream and a Goal...

Lately I have really been missing exercise. And by that I mean, exercise at a higher level then my hourly sessions at the gym while pregnant. I still get there to get a sweat going, and it really does make me feel better...but I am talking about a workout that consists of my heartrate not sky-rocketing to high levels by barely doing anything and ligaments that don't throb from stretching with every run step I take.

I am currently dreaming of long runs, bike rides and future races.
What will 2012 have in store for me? I am leaning towards packing my schedule with Marathons...and maybe a 70.3 Ironman or two. I am excited just thinking about it!

Wouldn't today be the PERFECT day for a long run! The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming...our city is beautiful. For now, I will be heading across the street for an elliptical workout, dreaming of the run I will be doing in another handful of months.

I had to stop running a few weeks ago. The weight of my stomach was beginning to make every stride more uncomfortable: the feeling of ligaments stretching really isn't a nice feeling. I have also been experiencing sciatic pain this time around...which doesn't bode all too well with running. And so, the elliptical has become a close friend...and the occasional bike.

My husband is out for a long bike ride right now. Jealous! When he gets back we are trading off... bike outdoors or elliptical inside. Which one would you choose: i know, the answer would normally be a given!
I have to admit, when physical fitness is such a big part of your life, it's hard to loose the ability to do something so quickly. Especially when the desire is still there. Pregnancy is an AMAZING thing. It is amazing what a women's body goes through and produces, it truly is. But "you" are still in there. And for me, the "you" is missing the things that were taken for granted prior. Walking upstairs without being out of breathe. Standing up without getting light-headed. Running and biking with my husband.
I think what adds to the "missing" feeling, is watching the people around me continue to do it all. It's me wishing and missing, and them not really understanding how hard it is to suddenly S-T-O-P doing something that makes me a part of who I am.

Anyways...enough feeling down on myself, as that is not my intention here. I am excited to get out to move, period...and then enjoy this day with our family.

Maybe a picnic at the beach is in order!

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