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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Party to Remember...

Back to a normal level of crazy! The party is over and fun was had by all, at least that's what they tell me. Ryan had an amazing time at his 30th Birthday Party. He/we really have an amazing group of friends. Thank you all who came to celebrate my husbands special day.

He knew many aspects of the party...ie that there was one, and it was likely at our home. Other than that, the who's and what's were all a surprise. Which made it fun to watch him as people walked in, and the band began setting up.

I hired the Adam Woodall Band to play the party. If you haven't heard them, you really are missing out! They play several gigs throughout our city, and are unbelievable. You must check them out.
It really made the night. The live music gave all something to watch...and after a few drinks, something to dance to.

Being respectful of our neighbours, and only one noise complaint (not bad!), we shut the band down at midnight and all were gone by 1:00. A respectful hour...and an hour that I think spared my husband meeting porcelain!

Amazing friends, music, conversation, wine and food. A fun evening and a successful THIRTY.

Pre Party Dinner
~more pics to come~

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