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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Breathe a Little...

This is what I have to keep reminding myself of right now.
I am literally feeling deprived of not blogging as I have had no time for me...let alone much time for my kids lately.
Work has exploded...yesterday was supposed to be my at home day with my kids. It turned into a day of juggling 3 different sitters because I had 5 showings, 2 offers and more party planning to get done. Holy Crap!
I am counting the days...t-minus 10 days and my husband and I are off on a week long vacation together. Ah, I can feel the peace now; well actually not really. I am finding a few minutes to write, then back to finishing the party details and crossing my fingers for another offer comes forward.

Bed...that is currently what I am dreaming of. Sleep. A five letter word that has no meaning in my vocabulary at the moment; especially when going to bed at 1am and walking at 6 because of dear daughter wanting to watch Barney. Yes, that l-o-v-e-l-y purple dinosaur...I actually think he is more fuchsia then pink.

Okay, now debating a dinosaur. Time to get back to work. May the time will afford me to shower...it is 2pm and I still haven't gotten there.

When the kids wake up, I am getting them to help me make some appetizers for Saturday...how do you think that is going to go over with a 3 and almost 2 year old...my guess, it wont last long.
I will let you know!

A quick kid update:
I got Kai a run bike the other day because he never wanted to ride his pedal bike, and would always steel the neighbours bike. He loves it.
What an amazing concept; they catch on to the balance so quickly. Apparently, kids normally bi-pass training wheels all together after learning to ride on a run bike.
Time will tell!

Happy Thursday! Yay its almost the weekend...and almost Ryan's BIG PARTY! DIRTY THIRTY!!

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