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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post-it's and Paper...

There has been so much going on lately that I cannot live without my pen and paper to ensure I write down every flitting thought; otherwise i don't think anything would be getting done!
I feel like I have no time to breathe lately, but honestly, I am not complaining. It is a good thing to be busy. It seems as if, and i am not sure if this is true for all, when I am busy with one avenue in life, everything seems to kick up at the same time. Now it is the balancing act to ensure all is done; and that all is done correctly!

I have been so crazy with party planning, birthday surprises and a child-free vacation after Ryan's birthday that our personal life was taking on its own form of busy. Now add real estate picking up with lots of showings and offers being negotiated...and I have found a new scale of busy. And I cant forget the pre and post natal fitness classes I have been subbing along with a new interest in a prenatal training program by some new moms I now have to develop...and in a crazy way (cause clearly I am!) I am loving it all!

I am happy and satisfied, as long as I can put my best self forward in all of these avenues...and so far it is all coming out ok! And in a few weeks time, I will have a week of R & R with my amazing husband...some quiet time...sans kids!

Another update that I am behind on is Si's legs!
We had our follow-up appointment with the pediatrician a few weeks back and her legs are getting straighter every time! When she walks, she still shows a bow; but how they can judge progress is by pulling their legs together while lying down to see if the bones aline straight...and they went straight! So it really is a matter of time that will heal in this circumstance and we are so relieved. She is running fast and climbing high already...those little legs have not and will not hold her back!!

I had to sit and write for a few minutes to unload my brain...now its time to do the laundry, have a workout, clean the house, take dog to the vet, pick up party supplies, write and offer, drop of documents, play with the kids, show a house...you get the idea.

Hope your Tuesday is a great one!

"As busy as I claim to be, I've still got the greatest job in the world. " ~Peter Criss

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