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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Si slept in her "big girl bed" thru the night! Yesterday afternoon i ended up converting her crib into the toddler bed. I put a gate in her doorway, and when it was time for bed, we put her down... and she climbed the gate and followed me downstairs.
Next, we closed her door instead. After a few minutes of her tearing her drawers apart, she made her way back to her bed, rolled over and went to sleep. And this is where she remained until this morning!

Success I would say!
Thank goodness. Now we know she is safe, in that there is no fear of injuring herself climbing from the crib. Her room is baby-proofed; and once she is asleep the door is opened and the gate is up so our ears are open.

Hard to believe that cribs are done in our house...weird! Until November that is.
When did our baby Si get so big!? It's like overnight she grew into this little girl. Time is going too quickly!

Just a few months ago she was beginning to utter single words and hum some songs; now she talks up a storm, sings her ABC's and counts to 10. She climbs up everything, throws tantrums, tries to keep up with her brother, and gives a pretty good glare, arms crossed and all. Where is our little 1 year-old going? She is on the fast track to 13 let alone 2!

These milestones are amazing. So incredible to capture and make memories of; because within a blink of an eye they grow up in a whole new way and are transformed yet again. If kids do one thing, they remind us of how precious and valuable time is. They know how to live in the present; that's all they really know exist. Isn't it kind of a nice way to live. Live like there is no tomorrow. Amazing concept; hard to do.

"While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about. "~Angela Schwindt

Si~ 20 months

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