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Friday, May 27, 2011

Sleepless night ahead...

I have been searching all afternoon for a crib tent to put on Si's crib. They have proven hard to find! At the one store that carries them they are sold out, and another store has them in-stock...but I have a drive ahead of me.
As I was googling them, I came across this safety notice that has made me think twice.

Crib Tents: Another Hazard from the World of Unregulated Child Products

I think an afternoon of converting her crib to a bed, and baby proofing her room may be in order instead of the whole crib tent idea.

Has anyone used the crib tents or have any thoughts on them? There seems to be only the Cozy Crib brand sold out there and they are the ones with several concerns. Once I started looking, I couldn't believe all of the recall notice information out there.
I think we are up for a few sleepless nights, but in the end, may be for the greater good!

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