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Monday, May 30, 2011

Caffeine withdrawl...

Today has been a pretty good day overall. Had a bunch of errands to do; work, groceries, then back home to the kids. We  baked some cookies this afternoon and a pie... don't ask me why, just was in a baking mood.  But now, I could literally fall asleep I am so exhausted.
I cant remember the last time I felt this tired. I went and lay on the couch while the kids were playing and almost fell asleep. Love the hormones. Need caffeine... not in the cards.
Today I am 16 weeks along!
I had my first stranger comment yesterday while I was at work asking me when I was due. Obviously I am showing now... and a lot faster (as I mentioned before) then the previous pregnancies. I don't think I really ever had many public comments last time... and when I did, I was definitely into the 30+ week marks. Crazy! The weird thing is, weight gain has pretty much been the same for me to be showing this much more already.

Time to get back to the kids and start making dinner. Some better posts to come this week. Had a great photo sent to me the other day that I will share tomorrow :-)

Happy Monday!

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