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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Through the lens...

When you are expecting, you always wonder what this little being inside of you will look like. Whether "it/ they" will be a he or a she; whether they will have your eyes or his hair color; his height or your crooked baby finger that has been passed along through generations. Its all a guessing game, until that day comes when you finally welcome them into the world. And even at that, they still change!
Si was born with really dark hair, that turned strawberry and now is a light light shade of blond. It began straight, and now has abundance of curl. Apparently, in some crazy genetic world, my hair went through the same colors and the same textures.
When someone tells me she looks like her mommy. Or when someone says Kai looks like me, I don't see it. With Kai, I have always seen Ryan in him...and even bits of my brother. With Si, I guess when you are that close to them, you don't see it so much. Until you are given a photo.
My dad emailed this to me the other day, in response to my blog about how fast Si is growing up. I hope you don't mind I post this Dad! It really touched me and I am so thankful and fortunate to have you in my life and share the relationship we do; and have you as such a big part of the kids lives as well.
Dads note:
"Your last blog which by the way was really well done, triggered a strong visual picture of the same moment you just went through. However, on one side of the door was a strong willed curly haired beauty of about Si's age and on the other side was a very tired, glassy eyed father holding the door knob so that no one could escape..similar paths and similar magical moments that go so quickly. Thank you for rekindling this special memory."

And the photo that was attached (on the left). Photo on the right is one I had captured of Si the other morning on my iPhone. Its moments like these I see the resemblance.

Brittany- around 1.5 years

Si- 20 months
 Time to pull out my camera and start being better at documents through my actual lens...not just the iPhone! All of these moments are passing too quickly; At least to have great photos of the memories if I cant slow down time is the least I can do.

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