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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box...

LoveMyBox arrived at my door step a little over a week ago now! Discretely hidden within a nameless box was my first months subscription.

Thinking outside the box, all while packaging it within a little black box, LuvMyBox offered an exciting theme filled with an assortment of goodies. This months theme, bath time.

To some, bath time may bring to mind rubber duckies and kids playing in a tub of suds- yes, me to; But this is one Duck you will not want your kids to find!
Luv My Box did not skip a beat...they even sent a battery.

There were several different items within this months shipment: bath foam, oils a loofah.
I was pleasantly surprised with the value contained within my small black box. I was equally as pleased with the theme and 'toys' included. I found that this months subscription contained items that I wouldn't personally seek out in a store myself- not that i ever go in those stores ;-)

I am excited for the months to come and the boxes to arrive. As this months box did, I am sure it will be on my doorstep within the first few days of November- no one the wiser as to its contents.

There is a great concept here...with great attention to detail. For those who don't like entering those stores, to the ones who are too busy to get to one- LuvMyBox helps take the work out of the fun, while adding another element to the enjoyment, Intrigue and Wonder.

Have you received your box yet? Time to start Exploring Your Box.

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