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Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrity Interview: Mothers & Daughters...

Blake Shelton. Christina Aguilera. Cee Lo Green. Adam Levine.
If these four names all together mean anything to you then you will know what I am about to talk about...

I am addicted to this show. From the tryouts attempting to turn chairs, through the battle rounds and now the new addition of the steal, this reality show had be hooked from day one. Maybe it's the inside dream of really wishing i could sing (we will keep that one to the shower for now), or perhaps the eye candy along with whit that Blake Shelton provides, but either way...I love this show!

I am so excited to post today's guest celebrity interview...the bonus, it's not one lovely lady, it's two!

Welcome 2Steel Girls! This mother daughter duo stepped foot on the stage of The Voice and won over Blake for the turn of his chair. Here I catch up with the ladies in a brief interview. Might I add these women are all empowering, beautiful and so down to earth: and as a mom- i think its pretty cool and inspiring that Krystal will share the stage with her mom Allison...there is hope for me and my daughters yet ;)

2Steel Girls Celebrity Interview 

  1. Allison, was music always a passion you hoped your family would want to pursue as well as?  

Yes, when I was growing up, my mother and grandmother were always singing & playing music.  My grandmother had told me how she sang with her mother and sisters in quite a few churches when she was growing up.  My mom and I just sang together in the car or listening to her Elvis records.  At age 17 I began singing in church and soon became a staff member of the church, part of my role was leading worship every service.  When I married, my husbands family was also very involved in music.  His mother traveled and sang in a gospel group.  Todd, my husband was a drummer as well.  A few years after we married we began playing together at church.  The kids came along and I remember bringing them to the church for music practice & dragging playpens, toys, baby walkers, etc into the sanctuary to keep the kids occupied.  I remember hold a baby on one hip and poking out harmonies on the piano with my free hand.  
They too both had a love for music.  Krystal didn't want to be just like her mama & wanted to be different.  She said she would never sing!  At age 13 I just couldn't imagine her still sitting in the church pew while I worked with her brother on drums and guitar and other families children for the Youth music team and her not be involved.  She wasn't involved in basketball at the time so I told her she had to join the band.  Boy, she gave me grief!  She would not sing out and had a frown on the entire time.
In school she had messed up her schedule and was forced at last minute to pick another elective.  Every class that she would have liked to take was full and she ended up in choir!  She made some great friends in choir & fell in love with singing.  The rest is history.

2.     With most people learning of who you are from The Voice, what was your favorite memory from working with Blake Shelton?

Recording on his Christmas album.  We never would have thought that we would be singing with one of our idols.  It took everything in me to hold back the tears on set almost the entire time.  Blake is a very funny man.  But, he is also very kind and genuine.  I have always had low self-esteem issues though I love to perform and can't imagine life without the stage.  To have HIM really see something in me, made my heart swell.  I still choke up because someone that I respect who has so much talent believed in me enough to ask me to be part of something that meant so much to him, his Christmas album.  How amazing is that!  ~Allison

My favorite memory was really him just turning around and working with us. That may sound boring, but having Blake Shelton see something in you enough to turn his chair and want to work with you really means so much! Also, he is hilarious. He is very lighthearted, so he's very enjoyable to be around.  ~ Krystal

  1. If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, in the music industry- who would it be?

Elvis  My mother played his music all the time...listening my mother sing along to his music was when I just fell in love with music and singing. ~Allison

Etta James. She put so much heart and soul in to every note and every word she sang. You can feel the pain, heartache and love in her singing. It's raw and real. That is how songs should be sung, in my opinion. She was brilliant! ~Krystal

  1. Krystal- what would be your most memorable musical moment thus far in working with your Mom?

I would say, The Voice. I have sung with my mom in churches when I was a teenager, but The Voice was really the first thing we have done outside of that. We only became 2Steel Girls about a year and a half ago, so The Voice is a pretty big accomplishment for us! I think it's a pretty big accomplishment for anyone, really! ~Krystal

  1. Allison- Likewise. What is your most memorable moment thus far working with your daughter?  

Performing on the stage at The Voice!  I have always told my children to believe in miracles & to do everything with excellence & believe in yourself.  I have told them again and again that they shouldn't give up on their dreams.  Just when I was about to give up on mine at age 44, there I was standing on the stage with her & my son watching our dreams come true right there, in that moment in front of most of the world.  What an honor!  

  1. What would be the most difficult obstacle you have both had to overcome in working with family?  

Taking each other for granted.  With other people in the band, it's easy for me to remember to give them a pat on the back, thank them for their time & to go out of your way to make them feel part and special.  But with family, some days, actually most days you just do your thing.  I don't ever want to take my family band members for granted.  I believe in them truthfully, more than I believe in anyone & I need to remember to thank them, encourage them more and give them my best on my worst days. ~Allison

Honestly, it isn't that difficult. When you are around a certain group of people all of the time though, they can start to get at your nerves. Haha. I don't just live with my family, I work with them too! You wouldn't be human if you said everything was always perfect! But, I'm lucky to have a great family. We have a lot of fun together! ~Krystal

  1. Favorite Artist –

I have so many, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Elvis, Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton ~Allison

I couldn't pick just one. I love so many kinds of music! If you spent a day with me, I'd be listening to anything from Ray Lamontagne, and Lauryn Hill, to Avenged Sevenfold, Miranda Lambert and *NSYNC. Lol. I just love music and have no shame. Haha.  ~Krystal

  1. Favorite Clothing Store –

I'm not a huge shopper, so I couldn't say.  But, I do love shoes and boots!  And I don't have a particular store.  But I will say this, I like good quality, but I won't go for anything overpriced.  I hit the sale racks first! ~Allison

Honestly, I don't shop much and am cheap. Haha. I do like buying shoes though!
But, I'm more likely to buy some kind of outdoor gear or something for a project (building/making something). I live in a small town, so there isn't much to do besides watch movies or bowl. I'd rather spend my money on something fun. ~Krystal

  1. Words of Advice/Wisdom on reaching a goal that may seem so impossible –

Believe in yourself and your dream.  Do things with excellence, no half attempts.  When you fail, everyone does, get back up and keep going.  Put people around you who have the same dream and/or believe in you.   ~Allison

Never give up. You can try and fail a million times, but failing isn't defeat, giving up is. Reaching a goal, whatever it may be, will take hard work, dedication and sacrifice. If you are willing to put all of that into it, you will always achieve your dreams. ~Krystal

  1. As we approach the Holiday season- do you have any traditions that you look forward to annually...and what is your favorite Christmas Song?  

Putting up the tree together.  We don't do fancy trees, we have tons of old and new ornaments, every one with some type of memory.  My husbands family always made candy cane sugar cookies and sat around icing.  This is a tradition that we carry on with our children & will one day with our grandchildren.  ~Allison

I absolutely love the holidays. I like to go all out. I love dressing up on Halloween! My boyfriend and I always try to be scary/classic monsters! It's a lot of fun! We were zombies last year!
During Christmas, I like to make holiday cookies for everyone. I like trying different recipes though. Sometimes they don't always turn out the best. Haha. My family also makes candy cane cookies every year!
My favorite Christmas song is 'O Holy Night!' ~Krystal


Thank you Allison and Krystal of 2Steel Girls for taking the time to answer some questions for While They Are Sleeping.
Wishing you all the best in your futures.

 2Steel Girls audition on The Voice.

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