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Monday, October 8, 2012

Maybe not 30, she's going on 13...

Last Monday marked a day to be remembered: one for the books: that is, one for Si's memory book. It was the first day I got a side chat by one of her teachers speaking of her attitude and how to move forward. We are in the third week of PRESCHOOL. Yep, I have a feeling this little lady is going to give us a run for our money sanity.

One of her teachers mentioned to me that she is like a 3 year old going on 13. That she has an INCREDIBLE vocabulary (score for us!) for a 3 year old...but she also love to talk and be social: yes, all known to us. She also pointed out Si's 'harder edge.' When she is determined, wanting something, trying to express herself, she has this look or better yet glare...it is definitely a harder side that comes through with little room for smiles. Said teacher expressed that they are trying to work on her smiles.

No problem there. Ryan and I understand what she is seeing from Si. We see it too. It is hard to get through to her sometimes as she is most definitely a strong willed young girl. And yes, working on her softer side is a must; but to be totally honest, i am pleased she is so strong willed. One day, maybe not as we are trying to raise and parent her, this will be a wonderful trait to hold.

For now, bring on the smiles, the sharing, the learning and developing...and the days that test us all.

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