Monday, October 8, 2012

Maybe not 30, she's going on 13...

Last Monday marked a day to be remembered: one for the books: that is, one for Si's memory book. It was the first day I got a side chat by one of her teachers speaking of her attitude and how to move forward. We are in the third week of PRESCHOOL. Yep, I have a feeling this little lady is going to give us a run for our money sanity.

One of her teachers mentioned to me that she is like a 3 year old going on 13. That she has an INCREDIBLE vocabulary (score for us!) for a 3 year old...but she also love to talk and be social: yes, all known to us. She also pointed out Si's 'harder edge.' When she is determined, wanting something, trying to express herself, she has this look or better yet is definitely a harder side that comes through with little room for smiles. Said teacher expressed that they are trying to work on her smiles.

No problem there. Ryan and I understand what she is seeing from Si. We see it too. It is hard to get through to her sometimes as she is most definitely a strong willed young girl. And yes, working on her softer side is a must; but to be totally honest, i am pleased she is so strong willed. One day, maybe not as we are trying to raise and parent her, this will be a wonderful trait to hold.

For now, bring on the smiles, the sharing, the learning and developing...and the days that test us all.

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