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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hockey on Lock-out!??...

Who says hockey is on lock out!? Kai sure doesn't seem to think so!
Yes he loves the Canucks...but he wont miss out on his ice time!

Our little man started his hockey lessons yesterday. Cookie Monsters its called! Aside from maybe 4 lessons last October/November, he has never been on skates...and has certainly not held a stick, on ice, dressed in all the gear.

He shocked me!

Arriving at the rink 20 minutes early so i could dress him, yes it seriously takes that long, we started the process.  Little boys Bauer undies with built in jock strap...hilarious...shoulder pads, neck cover, pants, jersey, helmet, skates...the list is long! And not to forget the bag to hold it all in, it is literally the size of him; thankfully on wheels so he can drag it himself.
Once geared it was ice time...
the first few steps were a little rough. he was actually spending more time on his butt...I was actually a little nervous the coach was going to tell me he wasn't ready. But within minutes, the coach taught the kids how to stand up quickly on the ice...and after that his confidence grew and his minutes on his feet were even longer than those on him bum!

He did such a great job, and even scored a goal (on an empty net...hey you gotta start somewhere)!

Look out Kesler...there's another 'K' coming to the rink...

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