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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Magic Number...

I was reading this article the other day, and there were some great points made. I mean, sure you can debate all of them on a level or two, but many of her rationals for having 6, yes 6, kids seem quite true.

Check out the article.

In our world these days, it seems like 2 is a number that is most frequented in the child department. Although, I have heard a few times over, 3 is the new 2. As if its a fashion statement! ;)
But in reality, the number of children you have is one very personal decision. And after the first one comes...many thoughts go into the following numbers.
Expenses change with children. Cars change to accommodate seats. Homes change...whether in homes altogether or there configurations within. Life as you know it, no matter one child or 6 (!).

I always thought we would have 2 or 3. Coming from a family of three kids, I loved having a brother and a sister. It was also always nice having "company." Sure, we had our years of growing. Our years of fighting. Our years of not really knowing each other. But as we grow older, we are all as close as we have ever been. I am so thankful to have them in my life. And so, 3 was always my number. Ryan's numbers came in at 2 or 4. His rationals, he is from a family of 2 kids...and if we were having more than that, he wanted an even number.

And then came T. Our 3rd. And the final decision, was 3.

I am finding I am holding on to the little moments a lot more with her. Not wanting her to grow out of the next onesie. Not willing her to sit on her own...then crawl...then walk. I am taking in the moments because they go too fast. And when looking at your own children, knowing they will never be as little, as innocent as they are right at this instant...i am trying to remember it all. To live IN the moments.

Our baby girl turned 4 months the other day. Kai is almost 4 years old. And Si is 2.5...
Really, where does the time go.
I am so thankful for all I have. My children remind me to smile everyday. To love with all my heart. And to find patience and compassion in all I do.
Every child has taught me a new thing about myself at their young ages.
I cant thank them enough.

So in reading Julie Cole's article...her magic number is 6. And to me that doesn't seem crazy. It seems just right, for her. And at 3, I am feeling just right too.


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