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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back is Best...

Back is Best...that is what they say for babies. Putting them on their backs to sleep decreases risk if SIDS during sleep. Babies that are not mobile have the inability to more their heads and find a breathe if they are stuck on their tummies, and so, the mantra...Back to sleep....Back is Best.

Well...we have a roller!
T has yet to roll fully on to her tummy while in bed (unless while awake), but for the last few nights she is enjoying the side sleep position...and this morning, well she wont stay on her back.

I remember the first times the kids began to roll. Some at the most inopportune and unexpected times. But I also remember when they began to roll over at bedtime. I was always so paranoid I would keep waking up to go roll them back! Hasn't happened with T yet...but judging by this morning, it's only a matter of time!
 (sorry for pic quality...camera is away, at least there is the iPhone!)

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