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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Down Time...

(written yesterday)

For the past four days I spent time visiting a girlfriend in Toronto. In making things a little easier on the home front, I took T with me, leaving a mix of nanny, Ryan and grandma to hold the fort with the other two. It sounds like things went well. I am sitting on the plane heading home as I type this, so haven't heard the entire low down from the weekend. 
My weekend with Katie and T was great! Lots of relaxing. We just strolled around her little town, had some amazing meals and had lots of time to catch up with one another.  The bonus for her, she mentioned, was that she actually got to spend time with one of our kids. With her living so far away I don't get to see her enough...and when we do, time is generally limited as it is usually when she comes home to visit. This time, it was just her and I...and T of course ;)  
And do you think I took a single picture!? I can't believe it! Well, I got this one...of T on our way out. Lots of memories captured in the mind :)
relaxing at the airport
we lucked out! a seat to herself :)
Thank you to an amazing friend for the hospitality and opportunity for a fun girls weekend. Now to get back on to the elimination diet...had a few splurges ;)

Traveling with T was really great. We took her everywhere with us with no tears...and honestly she slept for most outings. She was a perfect travel companion. 
We flew Air Canada with an amazing experience on the trip to Toronto. The Vancouver Airport (YVR) was so accommodating and helpful with infant travel. From helping me check the luggage (I actually packed lite! a bag for us to share and her car seat), to letting me know as I boarded they left the middle seat vacant in my row for more room. Even screening was pleasant as there is no metal on my baby carrier, they allowed me to keep her in and walk through the security screen with her attached  As I said, they were amazing. And to the lady that offered to hold T if I needed anything...thank you for allowing me a pee break ;) some people really are so helpful and genuinely kind. Not many places where you can pass your  baby to a complete stranger so you can pee in peace and know she is okay! 
Why can't there be consistency in travel. My experience home was short of anything close to the first flight/airport experience.  
Thankfully we got to the airport early. We were allowing more time...room for error. Good thing too! Once I walked into the terminal, there were not shortages for lines. One to print your boarding pass, one to get the bag tags, then another for bag drop. Then due to car seat I had to go to another line...where the man decided to close his desk and allow the line to feed through ONE kiosk. Thankfully his boss told him to take his break AFTER. 
Finally getting bags organized I headed to security where I was directed to one line....only to be scolded by the woman at X-ray for not being in family line. Sorry lady...I WAS TOLD TO GO HERE. After being sent shoeless to the other "family line" I was told to take T out of her carrier (therefore waking her up), bags re-arranged and searched...then not offered help in hurrying along to get to my now boarding flight. Again, thank you to the kind lady that helped me latch up my baby carrier and pack my bag. The kind act of another mother. I think there are still some pregnancy hormones floating around, cause a few times I found myself fighting back tears.

Arriving to my gate, now with a cranky and hungry baby, a flustered me boards my flight. Hands full, bottle balanced in T's mouth to keep her somewhat happy, do you think a single crew member offered any help...
I have honestly been appalled by the lack of service this flight has given. We lucked out on the way put with an empty seat beside me to put T on: no such luck this time. And, perhaps she is feeding off of my agitated mood...but she has definitely been cranky on this leg of the trip. Finally falling asleep she has been 50/50 with awake and sleep. Fingers crossed the rest of this flight is silent. I hate the feeling of eyeballs staring into me; as if I like  my baby crying...sorry folks,I am doing my best. Last complaint, the airplane could not be any hotter; usually cold on these things...nope, literally roasting and it's not just me!

Just over an hour to go till we land and I get to see the other loves of my life. Ry is bringing the kids to pick us up. I'm excited to see them!

I know it's not the most pleasant thing to hear a screaming baby on an airplane...but just give the parent(s) some credit. They are trying.  It's not like they sit there willing a cry so everyone else gets anxious. Maybe...ask if there is anything you can do for them?

Now to see if someone is as kind as the woman on the other flight; the bladder is calling ;) 
For some reason, I'm pretty sure its not something this flight crew will be offering up. 

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