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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Time...

This day has gone by way to fast and not much had gotten done. It was a day with many things to cross off the list...but starting with Si puking in the car on our way to her "School" for a few hours, quickly changed our route march. We first went straight to The Gap to buy a new, clean, pair of pants and a shirt. Then continued on with a few errands.
It is funny how kids can be feeling fine, then out of the blue, get sick...And unlike adults when they're sick, kids seem to puke it up and keep running. Amazing.
Even with her bout this morning, she has not slowed. Obviously not the flu...maybe just a bad breakfast!

Now, I am trying to organize for T and my departure tomorrow! I am taking T with me, to lesson the load at the home front. We are off to Toronto to spend some time with my amazing friend!
Another milestone that occurs tomorrow, T gets to use her passport for the first time as she boards her first flight :)

Now, enough procrastinating...I have got to get packing!

Last exciting tid-bit:

We are now listed on Top Baby Blogs as well!! If you have a chance, all you have to do is click on the link(s) below or on my side bar to cast a vote...if you enjoy reading, maybe just click before you leave my site after reading "your daily dose of chaos."  Thank you! Top button is Mommy blogs, bottom is Baby! Vote on both if you have some time!!
Thank you so much!

Happy Wednesday!


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