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Friday, January 20, 2012

Thoughts for the Everyday...

Sometimes, I have things in my head that just need to be written. No matter if they make sense or not...whether they are in order or not...they just need to get out :) Today is a bit of that kind of a blog...

Each day offers something so different. Some are filled with work; some are filled with laundry...all are filled with kids. Yes, I have help with the kids a few hours a week...but after a few hours of either working or running household errands, the kids fill the rest of it. Each day is different. Some days, our days feel long...sometimes, they fly by too quickly. Kids wake up cranky, they wake up happy...they love each other, they fight. Each day is different.
For me, as long as I get 1 hour in the day to myself, I feel re-charged (some days only a little, some days completely). 
Of course some days are longer than an hour. And when work is busy, I am in and out of the house often. But remembering that I need at least one hour of ME time is important.
With kids, we often put ourselves last. And with ourselves, our relationship hides out down there too. I am reminding myself to make sure I not only say those three little words to my husband everyday...but to show him. Actions speak louder than words...even a 6 second hug.

Did you know how powerful a hug can be?
Research shows that if we hold a hug for at least six seconds, we optimize the flow of mood-boosting chemicals in our bodies.
Studies show that a family member is 47% more likely to feel close to a family member who often expresses affection than to one who rarely does. Saying “I love you” is great, but sometimes it’s good to express that thought without words.
Furthermore,  frequent huggers have lower blood pressure and higher levels of oxytocin -a chemical that promotes bonding and mood.
Interesting eh!
Try out a six second hug and let me know what you think!
We haven't done this in a while, I think we need to again. Trust me, somehow it just brings a smile to your face and love to the heart. Corny I know! But it works...its in the research ;)

Today has been a pretty low key day. The kids spent a few hours with their Nana while I hit the gym. A great "re-charge" i must say~ I have been spending the afternoon with the kids doing house chores. Laundry is a never ending task over here, cleaning and now making a great dinner for Ryan and I tonight. Everyone seems to have colds again over here, and the afternoon now includes a Dr's visit...including one for baby T. Hope her chest is clear and the "crackles" I feel are nothing.

Is it weird that those little things, of getting organized in house and having a nice meal planned for my family, can make me feel like a better wife...and mom?
Funny hey...on a list of to-do's a mile long, it is home that can bring the biggest satisfaction.
A wise man once told me, in not quite the same words, "try not to stretch yourself too thin: the only person who notices you doing it all is you." Isn't it true. Trying to be "Supermom" (so to speak) is impossible. Why do we try to do it all?  There is nothing wrong in asking for help. I am working on it...and making progress ;)
I give my best and the best is all I have. Sure, I spread myself too thin sometimes:  I make mistakes or wish I had done something differently: I am only human.
Today I am mom. Today I am wife. Today I am me. And I am doing a pretty great job at it :)

Love, tonight we are having Seafood Bouillabaisse for dinner. The kids colds are getting checked out and the laundry is almost done...for today ;) No work...for money today...just a lot of work out of love.

I am thankful for everyday. I am thankful that every day is different. I am thankful for my family.

"There's really only one thing that more important than being dedicated to what you do, and that's being dedicated to who you do it for." Smuckers Commercial

P.S- thanks to the wise man for the advice that struck a cord. ;)
"Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad."
~Anne Geddes~

Happy Friday~

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