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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Days...

How could you not love them! Breaking up our usual RAIN with snow and even sunshine...these past few days have been awesome!

The kids love getting outside. Walks in the snow, snowball fights...snow castles. They have been having a great time; and with enough layers, they have been staying warm allowing us to stay out for hours at a time! Lots of fresh air and fun moments.

You would think this would aid in sleep...but not with our kids!
Last night Si got to go for a sleepover at Gee-Gee's house (aka Grandma)...from this, we have officially ruled that Si is the bedtime problem. Kai will go to bed...and sleep in. It is his sister that adds to the enticement of playtime all night long...and she, being the early riser, then wakes him too. Last night, thanks to her overnight, even T slept for 8 STRAIGHT HOURS! Pure peace.
Now, our chore...getting Si to sleep!

Here are a few photos from snow days...

bundled and ready!
not impressed with the camera

staying warm...but can barely walk because of it.

Did you notice the hat...
Yes, he likes it. Yes, it's warm. Yes, his wife thinks he's a dork...but loves him anyway!


I'm having Deja vu...

Daryl Hall

The Band Poison


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