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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phone App's... (product review)

While sitting in a waiting room waiting for our appointment time...kids in tow, I find myself pulling my phone out to keep them entertained. That or they are the ones actually searching my purse in hopes of phone. I have a few movies, kids games...and a new app that we came across that they seem to enjoy. Kai seems to get the concept of it more, therefore an app for kids a little older. And I think that he still is on the young side to completely get it all. But hey, it keeps him entertained!
It is called "Cookie Dough Bites Factory," so no wonder he likes it...it involves sugar, kinda ;) Another bonus for the parent, it's free! It is not one of the most educational apps out there, but it definitely works on motor skills and aids in quick thinking, and fingers!
I was pointed in the direction to find this app, however it has been ranked the #1 Game for Kids in the iTunes store, so obviously catching the kids eyes.

If your kids are savvy iPhone users, as most seem to be despite age these days, then the game is relatively user friendly. With kids that are unable to read, you will likely have to prompt them thru how to use the different levels and workshops; but once Kai learnt what to do, he was on his way quickly.

You can check Cookie Dough Bites out online, thru iTunes or even on Facebook.
Their main website has some great cookie recipes and ideas as well! I had never heard of their brand of cookies until this game came across my email, so will keep my eyes out in store.

I must admit they sound very appealing...who doesn't like eating the cookie dough!? Now, they have bundled this amazing flavour up into a salmonella free snack in a box. Yes please!
Have you heard of them? Played the app?

Have fun making your cookies...by way of app or in the kitchen! And if you find them in store in Canada, let me know where ;)

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