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Friday, January 27, 2012


Last weekend, Ryan and I ended up having an unplanned evening of...quiet. My in-laws were over for dinner and ended up taking both Kai and Si home with them for an overnight. It was an early night for us needless to say, as they ate quickly and drove off with the kids. T, currently the easy one of the three, was left with us in her usual state of sleep or smiles. A friend of mine made a comment of "great doggy-bag," I had to laugh!

So once the house quieted, we poured ourselves a nice glass of wine, sat down to catch up, relax...and listen to music.
We had fun reminiscing. Going through old playlists...reliving memories that songs would draw up.
It is amazing how the memory responds to song; how one song can take you right back to a specific age, location, person...memory, be it good or bad. How you can remember every word from a song you haven't heard in years...yet can forget what you read yesterday!

Nostalgic...while it was great to remember old moments, I wouldn't trade where I am and who I am today for anything...but back then, there were lots of fun times had too.

We were pulling up songs that reminded us of times we shared together (we have been together for 12.5 years so a few old songs), and the "way back tracks" from before we had even met.  And on some songs, we sat and listened to the words. I don't think as a teenager you really got half the lyrics you listened to. Life experience has to kick in to actually fully understand some of the words. Of course on certain levels you can relate, but the more experience you have in life, the more real these songs become.
But then there are also songs like..."Peaches"...WTF on those lyrics anyways!?

Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America
"Movin' to the country,
gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin' to the country,
Gonna eat me a lot of peaches
Movin' to the country,
gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin' to the country,
gonna eat a lot of peaches"
Really...no words here.

Take another circumstance of lyrics and not fully understanding...TLC for instance...the lyrics to the chorus of Unpretty are below.

TLC- Unpretty
"You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make-up that mac can make
But if you can't look inside you
Find out who am I, too
Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty"

What do you mean "buy your hair"! Are they crazy...extensions weren't something in my vocabulary in high school! And, "look inside you"... what! I know who I am! Well so you think, or so you're good at hiding to show all those you know you are a strong person...no weakness here!

And of course, you cant forget the always counted upon, slow dance song for the school dances...

"I'll Make Love To You" Boyz II Men
I don't know if my parents would have been to pleased to know the main slow dance song had lyrics like

"Baby tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life"
So many great memories of high school...along with some not so great. You form some great lasting relationships here, along with some that are brief and for certain reasons. People judge without knowing you...well, that's a part of life in general i think, people gossip...high school can be a soap opera if you will.

I came out of it alive...thanks to some amazing friends (that are still apart of my life in some way or another) and to my husband Ryan that was apart of my life my last year there. No matter the good or bad, I am thankful for the memories and for helping me become the person I am today.

A few more memory songs...I am sure some of you will remember these....and maybe even remember the same memory ;)

When I Come Around - Green Day
Summergirls - LFO
Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey
Push - Matchbox 20
Black or White - Michael Jackson
Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
What I Got - Sublime
Red Alert- Basement Jaxx
You Make Me Wanna - Usher
One headlight - The Wallflowers
the sign- Ace of Base
Crash Test Dummies
Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Will Smith
Santa Monica - Everclear
Backstreet Boys
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oh the list could be long...I will stop there!
It was a fun Saturday night we had...reminiscing...I suggest you do it sometime too :)

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