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Friday, January 13, 2012

Movies for Mommies...

Hey all of you Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents...caregivers of any type!! Have you heard of Movies for Mommies!?
It is this awesome company that plans out movie days for "Parents" and their babies... This way the adults can still see that new movie they have been wanting to watch (but have no time to spare because of baby) with the baby!
That's right...Movies for Mommies allows the caregiver to bring baby to the theater with them and makes viewing the film easy with change tables, dim lighting and a noise volume that is a little lower than usual to account for all of the tiny ears in the room!

Check out what Laura from Movies for Mommies had to say about the company:

"Movies for Mommies is Canada's original parent and baby movie event.
 Movies for Mommies is a great way to get out to enjoy a film without worrying 
if your little one is fussy, needs a diaper fix, or may be startled by the sounds. 
The theatre is baby-friendly, with reduced volume, dimmed lights and in-theatre change tables. Dads, grandparents, friends and caregivers are always welcome."

Movies for Mommies has a few different theaters with different days and times. All the information is below, including their upcoming events/showtimes!

All of their up-to-date information is on facebook! Follow Movies for Mommies on facebook by clicking here!!

Movies for Mommies runs at the 
Rio Theatre (at Commercial and Broadway), 
the Denman Cinema (at Comox and Denman) and 
the Dolphin Cinema in Burnaby (on Hastings, just east of Willingdon).

Upcoming events:

Rio Theatre (runs every other Wednesday)
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Wednesday, January 18
Doors open at 11:45. Movie starts at 12:30
Tickets $10 (babies are free)
 Tender Tushies will be at the theatre to show off their great cloth diaper products.

Denman Theatre (runs every other Thursday)
Next movie is Thursday, January 24 (check back for details)
Doors open at 11:30. Movie starts at noon.
Tickets $10 (for movie ticket, popcorn and a drink) Babies are free

Dolphin Cinema (runs every other Wednesday)
Next event is Wednesday, January 25 (check back for details)
Doors open at 11:45. Movie starts at 12:30
Tickets $7 (babies are free)

What a great concept! And a fun afternoon out!!
And for one lucky reader...you will receive TWO FREE MOVIE PASSES!! Take your spouse, your friend...whomever! (Babies are always free).

Happy Friday!! [the 13th ;)]...no superstitions here...heck, the 13th is a lucky number in our house...we live in house #13, got married on the 13th hole of a golf course...and our baby number 3 had a due date of the 13th...we are surrounded by the number!

Ok, so in order to win this amazing Fun Friday prize...
1) Like While They Are Sleeping on Facebook if you haven't already
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4) Like While They Are Sleeping on topmommyblogs.com (bottom of post or on the side bar)

Each point above gives you a vote...the more you refer the more votes you get...
And maybe for a final one, let me know what movie you are dying to see...even if it has been so long that the movie is now on DVD... i feel ya!

Happy Friday Mommies...and others! A great "gift" idea for a Mom you know if you aren't one maybe ;)
Good luck!

Happy Friday!

Contest closes TONIGHT!! Friday January 13th, 2012 at midnight.
Winner announced tomorrow.

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