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Friday, January 13, 2012

"Go the F** to Sleep"...

Have you heard of the book "Go the F**k to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach?
It is hilarious. I had heard of it before but never read it...and for Christmas, my brother gave it to our kids for Christmas. Fitting. If you know Uncle Reid...it is perfect it came from him. The best Uncle. Hilarious sense of humor.

Well, of course we have not read it to them...but to say this is exactly how bedtime feels these days, would be an understatement! Si will not stay in bed, which instigates Kai to get out...and they literally run the house for hours. We have tried ALL tactics...from threats to anger...to a new one last night, ignoring them. Well, that didn't go so well either. I was having a bath...they both came in, took their pajamas off and proceeded to get in the tub. YEP...THEY DON'T CARE whether we say too much or nothing at all. I drained the water toweled myself off, and turned out the lights...this got them out of the tub, and dressed again but not to bed. I GIVE UP!!

As I type this, I am sitting here listening to the audio version of the book...read by Samuel L Jackson. Honestly, priceless.
Take a listen... I think tonight, I may have to bring out the book...along with a bottle of wine ;)

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