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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Until Next Year...

Another October has come and gone...
Halloween is over; sugar highs are still bounding; and the kids had a great time trick-or-treating and playing with friends in the streets last night!
I love where we live! There are so many families with young kids... the street was alive for a couple of hours last night!
All of the kids tend to be on the younger side... from babies to 9 years old, it seems to be our neighbourhood average. The kids went in mounds from house to house as the parents followed in costume. Really, most parents were dressed, great sports!
Ryan, I mean Robin, had fun with Batman. I donned some devil ears and eyelashes...that was my small attempt this year. There were pirates, and a man taking a shower, a bee-keeper for him little honey bee...and I am only on the adults costumes! The kids Nana even dressed the part and showed up in a full on witch costume...I'd say a pretty sexy little witch costume! The pic was just an iphone one so no full shot, sorry! But if only you could see the full get-up and short skirt! I wish I could sport legs that great!

By the time I grabbed my camera, most people had already disappeared...but was able to capture a few costumes! Even the neighbours dog was dressed...a skunk!

Everyone had a great time. The candy was handed out on the street in front of our house instead of at the door cause everyone wanted to be outside. The kids ate chocolate and ran in circles...then eventually crashed in bed.

The other benefit to young kids in our home and on the street we live...early bedtimes. Trick-or-treating commenced around 6 and by 7:30 pumpkins were out, kids asleep by 8:00!

Until next year...

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