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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

9th Month Tea...

Who knows if this stuff actually works; but if it helps at all, why not!
This tea goes by a few names: 9th Month, 37th Week, Labour Tea. All the same thing.

The tea contains different herbs that are are said to help begin contractions... an example being Red Raspberry. Another theory of the tea is that with the different ingredients in it, it helps thin the cervix (therefore also aiding in contractions beginning), and can therefore help in a quicker and possibly easier labour. I am definitely all for the latter! And the first for that matter.

I drank the tea a couple of times daily at the end of my first two pregnancies...and so here I am again. Why not, right!?
Both kids were a few days early...Si's labour once she decided to make her appearance was very short.

Really who knows if anything REALLY helps induce labour or not. There is a long list of things that some say "put them into labour."

I must say, I do most of the things on the list...and not just to "induce" but because they seem to be everyday happenings around our house.

Stay Active- yep
Walk and keep moving- impossible not to with our kids!
Vacuum- check
Spicy Foods- have started adding chili flakes to dinner!
Sex- sorry, that's a little personal to be sharing here ;-)

These in "theory" have been reported to help. There are many other items on the list. But again, who is to say what works and IF any even do at all!

For now, I am going to finish my cup of tea, take the kids outside to play..and then enjoy an evening with some great ladies... Moms Club Night!

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