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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Product Review...Hand Vibes!

For the past few years we have seen young kids sporting what looks to be an elastic band on their wrist. This was the "in" craze...a little piece of rubber that would form different shapes. A little thing called "Silly Bandz."

Well move over Silly Bandz...their is a new craze in town hoping to take over kids fingers..."Hand Vibes."
Hand Vibes are rubber rings sold in packages of three. The rings come with different words inscribed on them. In the packs, two of the words are visible...and the third is a secret. To add to the excitement for the younger population.

The words range from "Groovy" to "Chillin" leaving the kids wanting and hoping to attain all phrases and colors available.

Hand Vibes are something I had never heard of before being approached to do a review. To me, they seem a little "young" however obviously capture a niche marketplace. I could see these picking up momentum in elementary age students...maybe the younger years: A cute, relatively inexpensive "hobby."

Rad Red ringstack

The rings come in a large variety of colors. Above are some examples of the phrases/words. 235 rings in all!

For me, I don't have kids in my life old enough for these and therefore find it hard to identify with this craze. Are these something you have seen out there!? Or perhaps something your child would have fun with?  In hearing from a few teachers from my area, these are things they haven't heard of before...and the silly bandz have seemed to disappear. Who knows, perhaps they will be spotting these next!?

I have two packs of Hand Vibes to giveaway!
First two to respond get them!!

Good luck :)

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