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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nesting Sale...

My nesting is in full swing and last night I was able to sort thru and organize all of the good clothes we have that need some new homes. Holy crap did our Tupperware under the house and kids closets empty out!

Not only do we have boys and girls clothes... we have an assortment from newborn up to 3T. Some things were never even worn before outgrown! This is madness and we need to get rid of it all before it drives my crazy.

Along with the kids clothes, there is an assortment of woman's clothes from Maternity thru sizes S-L. A HUGE array...and there is even some good men's stuff.

So on top of the clothing, we have some random items to lighten from our load as well...

A "Cars" training wheel bike...
Similar to this one

Some kids toys...

A carpet, a shelving unit etc...

SO....... GARAGE SALE! Since this is the long weekend, I think we will set it for next Saturday morning. Details to be confirmed.

Being pregnant can have some serious advantages on the household front...organization!

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1 comment:

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