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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Lion King!...

Yesterday the Lion King was re-released and I was off to the store to buy it to enjoy with the kids. I loved this movie when I was younger! What wasn't to love. Cute story, great songs...and JTT.

JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was one of my childhood crush celebrities. Watched Home Improvement because of him; enjoyed his voice as baby Simba on the Lion King. Oh how this movie takes me back a few years! I wonder what ever happened to him...he hasn't been around in quite some time. His hair makes me think he was the Justin Bieber of his time, lol.

Anyways...back to the movie. The kids loved it! I made popcorn and we sat and watched it after naps yesterday. They both danced to the music, laughed at Pumba and Timon...a great afternoon!

I highly recommend a recommend a re-watch to take you back a few years and enjoy a fun, feel-good movie.

They each had a different favorite song preference.

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