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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Week of Firsts...

I can't believe I haven't had a spare minute to sit and type in over a week! So much has been going on, time has certainly gotten the better of me.
Since last week, we have had the wall in our basement built; Basement and office painted; and decided while we were at it to, paint the our stairways as well. Lots on the home front. And it is all beginning to take shape. I will be sure to take photos and post... likely next week once the rooms are complete!

As for some serious milestones and firsts...

Kai started school (pre-school) on Tuesday! He is in the Mon-Thurs program 4 hours a day.
He was so excited to go, and even posed for a cute first day of school photo.

The nerves kicked in a little once we parked and walked towards the school. He told me he was scared and to please stay with him. I did. We walked to the classroom, found his hook, labelled with his name, for his coat and backpack to hang on, then met the teachers.
He has three great teachers. All very friendly and comforting. We went into the classroom, looked around and he began to feel more settled.  The parents were given the choice of "integrated transition" where we just play for an hour or so the first day and extend the time through the week; or, see how the kids fare, with knowing they have our numbers if the kids needed to go home. Most chose to later...as did I. And 4 hours later, with no phone calls, I went to pick up Kai from his first successful day of school!
He went all days this week, with no tears, lots of smiles and a fun time all around. I am so proud of our little man. He is sure growing. I will admit, once I left him on day one, I had a few tears of my own. I cant believe how big he is getting.  Time... please slow down.

Another first for Kai came on Wednesday. He started skating lessons!
He wants to play Hockey, so we tells us; And so, the lessons on ice begin. We went after school on Tuesday and got him all the necessary gear for his first day. A pair of skates (the are so adorable and tiny! Who knew Bauer made the mini-me sizes!) along with a helmet and cage. He was ready to take on the ice.

Getting to the rink Wednesday, he showed no signs of nerves...just pure excitement! He was over-joyed to see the ice, and couldn't wait for me to lace up his skates. Skates on, he very quickly learnt how to stand..and jump...on dry land. Then to the ice with his instructor. Hardly hesitant, and with very little frustration and a ton of determination, he continuously tried to stay on feet, not bum. A few quick tears were brought mid lesson (I think frustration got to him a little) he asked me to stand in a certain spot so he could see me, and went right back to the ice.
I could not be a prouder mom. What an amazing week for our little man. Many firsts, and he conquered them all, head on.

And next week, a week of seconds, Si's 2nd Birthday!

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments."~Rose Kennedy 

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