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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Pregnant Whine...

There is nothing sexy about feeling hot, puffy and pregnant. As if the last trimester isn't bad enough on its own with some water retention and just feeling tired...add this "Indian summer" we are having, with no end in site of heat...i am not the biggest fan. Bring on the crisp fall days that I love. You know, the ones that are clear blue skies, cooler temperatures that change the color of blue in the sky: No smog in site, just crisp fresh air. The type of weather that brings with it cute boots and leggings...the outfits I am dying to wear, to look cute and cover my venous pooling legs and puffy uncomfortable self.

Yes, this is a whiny, complainy blog...I can have some of those, cant I?!

See you tomorrow. I am off to lie down in front of a fan, legs elevated to get rid of the blood pooling and hope that my amazing husband is in the mood to make dinner tonight ;-)

At least I am not a celebrity being caught by the paparazzi in some "pregnant mom inopportune moments." That is a major down side to the public life. Sorry Tori Spelling...clearly it was a man that snapped that photo as HE has never been pregnant and is so far from understanding how us pregnant moms can have some bad moments ;)
I have to admit, it made my pregnant ass feel a little better; and I even cracked a little smile.

Tori Spelling's Photo on Lockerz

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