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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Third Trimester...

Officially in the third trimester!!

The other day I officially passed from second to third trimester. Wow, I cannot believe that this is the final stage already! Crazy how this pregnancy is flying by. I guess with life being so busy, there is little time to think about this baby growing inside. Of course, I am reminded daily in some way: be it the movement, the sore legs, the sciatic pain...but in general, with ignoring these minor symptoms, the pregnancy has been relatively easy-going. I actually find the hardest part to be the energy levels in trying to keep up with Kai and Si and just being physically wiped by the end of the day. Not bad!
Here's a little article on the Third Trimester from Fit Pregnancy.

And, because I haven't done it in several months, a bump comparison. What is number three going to be!? Make a guess (click on baby poll at side bar) if you haven't already!

Lastly, yesterday came and went with no time for any form of blogging. Later today I will be posting on the book review of Carla and Leo. I will be giving a copy of the book away as well!
Want an extra vote...cast your vote on my baby bump poll...another vote, click to vote for me below!

Happy Thursday!

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