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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Since we have been back I am all about "nesting." I am making plans and spending money (sorry love). We are getting organized to add a wall, and still maybe bathroom, to the basement. I am mapping out the nursery and where things should go; and today I went out and bought Si's new bedroom! I am so excited for it to all arrive and to set it all up for her 2nd Birthday!!
We are in need of the crib for the nursery, no point in buying another crib. And since we have converted the crib anyways, she is ready to go. What a perfect birthday present.
It is beautiful. The bed, the mattress, the sheets and duvet. I am so excited for the delivery and set up...still another month away; yet I feel like a big item has now been crossed off my list of things to do. The list seems to be growing, so nice to have something complete!
While shopping for her, I finally got my head wrapped around the nursery as well. I was stumped as to what I was going to do and how I wanted to decorate it. The nursery room is on the smaller side, so not room for a lot of stuff...but just enough.

Gotta love nesting. It makes you a cleaning machine and an organizational freak. Me and cleaning regularly, not a friend; me and organization, already am...so in hyper-drive, look out!

I wonder what this Scorpio growing in my belly will be like...if it's anything like me, it may be dangerous!

Si's bed (not the same bedding). I am in love with this bed!

Baby's Bedding... not the crib, but same color!

I was asked a little while ago to review a new kids book. I will post on it tomorrow, along with a giveaway of the book!
The book is called Carla and Leo's World of Dance.
A children's book authored by supermodel Agatha Relota with an introduction by Jessica Alba. "The book teaches children not only about music, dancing, and staying active, but also about culture, geography, and friendship. It also contains over 50 beautiful illustrations by famed fashion illustrator Thierry Perez."

Stay tuned and check it out tomorrow!

Happy Nesting Tuesday!
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