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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Had my routine prenatal check-up yesterday. All is great! My belly is measuring exactly as per the weeks, blood pressure is good, tests all came back great...I am happy ;)
This is the point in pregnancy where the visits are supposed to begin every 2 weeks...but with all being good and me (other than back pain and venous pooling) feeling good over all, I get one more stint of four weeks.
Wow this time really is flying!

I have definitely begun the "nesting" mode. Our house is a bit of a disaster at the moment, the storm before the calm... I find with re-arranging and organization, the mess looks worse before it gets better as everything gets moved from its current place in attempts to de-clutter and sort. We will get there, but I am feeling better already.
The wall in the basement is going up next week, and being painted the week after.
Si's bedroom will be delivered around the same time, then office to basement, Si's nursery to baby's room, and Si's bedding up in her room.
In the process, I have added more drawers to some of the closets, shed clothes that the kids have outgrown, re-organized our garage, and begun in the basement. I am feeling more "together" with things as items are getting checked off a never ending list.

Hard to believe summers end is in sight. School starts soon for Kai. And yesterday I had to register for fall programs. Skating lessons for Kai (in prep for hockey!). Swimming for Si. Kids routines are in sight. A nice feeling.

Speaking of routine, come fall I am planning on getting back to the celebrity interviews. Starting right before summer wasn't the smartest idea! Hope to have some great topics, people and inspiration :)

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