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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a ...

Yesterday was a great day for many reasons. Ryan and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary; the day before that was our 12 year mark together. Wow, where does the time go! I would say we have accomplished a great deal in our years together; now, for some rest and relaxation as we enjoy this life we have made. Maybe a little less running around and a little more...calm. With three kids, I don't know if that's even possible!

We started our day together yesterday with a 3d/4d ultrasound. It was so fun to see the baby! Ryan was unable to make the past ultrasound and so it was great for him to see it as well! We had done the 3D with the other kids, and so in fair form, we enjoyed another session :)
This baby is very flexible and seemingly likes to stay in a tiny ball: toes in mouth, hands over face, trying to even shove the umbilical cord in its mouth as well. Very cute. The sex...well, that's a surprise.
We got to see some great shots of the baby: Mouth wide open, yawning, eyes open! Apparently it is not too common for the baby to have eyes open and this little ones eyes were open the entire time. Not to mention, very active the entire time. Not all together surprising as our comparables are two kids that go by the name of Kai and Si. Good to know it is practicing to hold its own from and early age!

Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday.

After our ultrasound we went to lunch at Cardero's. Yum. Patio, sun, heat, great company and food. Perfection. And to complete the afternoon, we caped it off with a couples massage at Spa Utopia.
It was a great day...and still had dinner to look forward to!

Ryan surprised me with dinner at Il Giardino, one of our favorites in town for Italian. We have celebrated most of our anniversaries here...its seemingly becoming a little tradition. It was a great evening. LOTS OF AMAZING FOOD, a perfect corner table on the patio and a few hours of relaxation and adult conversation to complete our day. Couldn't have asked for more. Happy Anniversary love!

Now, Sunday morning...time to hit the gym and work off some of the calories consumed yesterday! Then a day of work and an evening of family and a BBQ.

An amazing weekend :)

28 weeks today! 7 months already...almost the end of summer and this pregnancy is flying by!

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